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HomeBody Elite

Lincoln Stewart Fitness presents HomeBody Elite, a series of downloadable, instructor led workouts for you to use in the comfort of your own home.

We want to make exercise, under the guidance of trained professionals, available to everyone. No matter where you live or how busy you are!

Choose from a variety of Cardio, Stretching, Weight, Strength and Toning programs that you can purchase online to start training in your own home straightaway.

First Videos Available Soon

We're still putting the finishing touches on the HomeBody Elite series of videos which will be available for download soon. Initially you will be able to select from the following workouts:

  • LSF Spin - 45 minute Cycle
    • Spin is a 45 minute cycle class choreographed to the beat of powerful music. You’ll find yourself pushing your body to new speeds and heights whilst adding and subtracting resistance on a stationary bike in the comfort of your own home. (Spin or Exercise bike required)

    • LSF Body Stride - 30 Minute Cross Trainer Workout
      • This 30-minute workout challenges all of your major muscle groups whilst you walk, run or sprint to the rhythm of motivational music. You’ll be led to success by your instructor who coaches you to maintain safe and perfect technique whilst pushing you to new heights. (Cross Trainer required)

        Experience different types of terrain whilst remaining indoors and out of the elements.

        You’ll walk away from Body Stride looking good and feeling an amazing sense of achievement.

          • LSF Quick Core - 30 Minute Core Conditioning
          • An express, no excuses core conditioning workout that uses functional movement easily translated to every day activities. Core conditioning goes far beyond sit-ups or crunches and instead engages the abdominal muscles, both in the front and along the sides and back of the body, as well as the muscles around the shoulders, pelvis, and along the spinal column. (Weight Plate and Rubber Tubing required)

          • LSF Build - 1 Hour Pump Class & Body Conditioning
            • A total body workout targeting all the major muscle groups using light to moderate weights. This will sky rocket your fitness to the next level with a choreographed workout designed to train you outside of your comfort zone whilst following your instructor to maintain perfect and safe technique. You’ll see and feel your body getting stronger, fitter and more toned with every class you achieve. (Pump Kit or Light Weight Set required)

                • LSF Yoga / Pilates
                • Every workout deserves a reward. You can’t reward the body anymore than stretching out, controlling your breathing and relaxing your mind. Break up the intense cardio and strength sessions with flexibility and balance to speed up muscle recovery and build endurance. A choreographed workout to relaxing modern music which will keep you motivated and help you transcend the physical and mental limitations and come to the peaceful state of simply being yourself. (No equipment required but Yoga Mat preferred)

                Classes will be a one-off payment of $59 with new versions being uploaded regularly for you to purchase. Build up your own library of exercise programs to rotate through at home.

                If you own a:

                • Cross Trainer
                • Exercise or Spin Bike
                • Pump Weights
                • Rubber Tubing
                • Dumbells, or
                • Kettle Bells.

                ... then there is a class for you.

                Lincoln Stewart Fitness offers a fantastic selection of industry-leading​ workout equipment right here on the site. If you need some gear to expand your home gym, come and visit our store and see the full range.

                Use our Contact Form HERE if you have any questions.

                Please Note: These classes are not for commercial use. If you wish to use HomeBody Elite videos in your workplace or gym, we have commercial contracts available. Please contact us here for more details.

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